Marketing is complicated. Buy a roadmap.


I shared this on LinkedIn a few months back.

This is an attempt to do two things at once. First this is a roadmap. Second, criteria to grade the quality of an organizations marketing output.

This is very much inspired by Byron Sharp’s How Brands Grow book.

While Bryon’s book does an exceptional job explaining what aspects make for effective marketing, I felt something was missing. That something is digital human behavior when it comes to digital communications and feedback loops. That’s the thing about “digital.” It’s push AND pull communications. It’s dual. There lies both the opportunity and the challenge. After all this time I still find rooms with marketing leaders tripping up over this.

In the days ahead I am going to attempt to expand on the above graph to explain how it can act as a roadmap as well as a filter to grade quality of marketing output by a brand.

Marketing is complicated. Roadmaps are required.

Mitchell Kapler